Matthias Minihold
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Research Interests

Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE)

*) Studying prevalent Fully Homomorphic Encryption schemes, primitives they build upon and their applications
*) Defining minimal requirements for practical FHE usage in i.e. in the Cloud-Storage setting
*) Studying limits on the functionality and practicality of FHE based solutions for various use-cases

The Subset-Sum Problem
*) Probabilistic methods to solve hard instances

Easy to use online privacy tools in digital everyday life
*) Deploying best practices in times of ubiquitous tracking and profiling
*) Discussing the impact of crypto-technology on the (unheeding?) society

Teaching: (@RUB)

Winter term 2016/17

Summer term 2016

Date Topic Setting
2016-09-22 The Subset-Sum Problem ECRYPT-NET Cloud Summer School (link...)
2016-07-14 The Subset-Sum Problem Cryptography Design for the Internet of Things (link...)
2015-09-17 Linear Codes and Applications in Cryptography RUB-Oberseminar (link...)

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